Territorial Quarter Rolls 2009

Quarter rolls are $10.00 face value (40 coins).

Boxes also available.

All rolls are in orange white bank wrappers and sometimes plastic.

These are minted in 2009 and are the additional quarters from the State Quarter Program.

If we are out of something, just message me and let me know what you need.

Following the conclusion of the 50 State Quarters Program, a second one year follow up series was authorized known as The District of Columbia and United States Territories Quarter Program. This separate program featured six additional quarters with designs representing the six U.S. jurisdictions which are not classified as states.

The reverse designs for each quarter contained images emblematic or representative of each location. This included depictions of historical people related to the locations, important buildings, architectural elements, and wildlife. Several featured inscriptions in the native languages. The obverse of each quarter continued to utilize the image of George Washington designed by William Cousins after the original John Flanagan.

This series is notable for having significantly lower mintages levels than the previous State Quarters Program. No mechanism was put into place to ensure distribution in unmixed quantities throughout the country and the supply of quarter dollars remained plentiful at Federal Reserve Banks. As such, production levels were diminished and distribution became more fragmented. Each of the 2009 quarters have mintages which are at fraction of the levels of the previous series.

1 Roll District of Columbia Denver Mint
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1 Roll District of Columbia Philadelphia Mint
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1 Roll Puerto Rico Denver Mint
1 Roll Puerto Rico Philadelphia Mint
1 Roll Guam Denver Mint
1 Roll Guam Philadelphia Mint
1 Roll American Samoa Denver Mint
1 Roll American Samoa Philadelphia Mint
1 Roll Virgin Islands Denver Mint
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1 Roll Virgin Islands Philadelphia Mint
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1 Roll Northern Mariana Islands Denver Mint
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1 Roll Northern Mariana Islands Philadelphia Mint
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