Single Coins - USA

Single Coins - these are collectable single coins from the USA.

These include Pre-federal issues, Half Cents, Large Cents, Indian Cents, Two Cent Pieces, Three Cent Pieces, Shield Nickels, Liberty Head Nickels, Buffalo Nickels, Half Dimes, Draped Bust Dimes, Liberty Seated Dimes, Barber Dimes, Mercury Dimes, Twenty Cent Pieces, Draped Bust Quarters, Capped Bust Quarters, Liberty Seated Quarters, Barber Quarters, Standing Liberty Quarters, Draped & Caped Bust Halves, Liberty Seated Halves, Barber Halves, Walking Liberty Halves, Franklin Halves. Listings will 'come and go' as we have items.

These are circulated coins that have NOT been cleaned. See the pictures to judge the grade of the coin. We will try to have all pictures with actual book prices, by grade (so you donít have to look it up)!

All coin grading is subjective. We try to be as accurate as possible with pricing, but are far from perfect and generally price low. The picture shows pricing and details from the Red Book.