We have been selling coin since the state quarter program began in 1999. Feel free to check my seller status on ebay (seller ID of: scott27ne). With ebay now charging 12% fees and our new access to larger amounts of coin, well this is the first attempt at a web page.

Hope you like it.

We are offer US mint/coin products at fair prices with low shipping/handling rates. Again, if you have been purchasing from us over the years you will know of the excellent quaility of products, low shipping, and reliable source to supply your hobby and/or your business needs.

We believe that this site will make ordering for both the customer and us a lot quicker.

PS - international customers, please email with your requests (with the huge number of different requlations for each country, we cannot post shipping costs in any easy mannor).

Our contact information

By email: scott27ne@yahoo.com
Business email address: scott27ne@discount-coins.net

By phone: if you need a number just message (trying to avoid constant phone calls).


Shipping Information: we strive to ship within 3-business days. Presales are excluded. Also, note that for new product we get hundreds of orders all at the same time....so this takes a bit of time to process.

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies: We will work with you on refunds/returns. If there is an error on our end we pay the shipping, if not you will need to pay the shipping. Refund will be the cost of the product less shipping.