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For future (NEXT-upcoming) years penny, nickel, dime, half, native american dollars....

All are generally in stock..... in feb/march.

We open sales for the dollars and quarters on January 1st or 2nd. We open sales on the pennies, nickels, dimes, halves in February-March. This really depends on when they are expected. Since there are no official 'release dates', this is a 'shot-in-the-dark'.

Is owned by PB Coins Inc, which is one of the largest wholesale coin companies in the US.

With our low wholesale prices to dealers across the world, we can also offer low retail prices.

The items above are featured right now as they are current releases.

You can rest assured that we ship generally within 2-days of your order, except for pre-sales & those are shipped once the product is released.

We accept returns, if you are not happy with an order (customer pays return postage unless we are in error).


From Coin Collecting News: "More USA Lincoln cents were produced from 1959 to 2008 the ALL of the other coins from the entire WORLD from when coinag began (about 750 BC)."

Amazing - do you think the USA really needed and still needs pennies???

Hello, welcome to 'discount-coins' please take a look through the current inventory.

If you are looking for something and it is shown as not in stock or just not present feel free to drop a message and see if we can get the item and/or if it may be in stock and we just have not loaded the page.

Products and prices change, so check back often.

We are offer US mint/coin products at fair prices with low shipping/handling rates. Again, if you have been purchasing from us over the years you will know of the excellent quaility of products, low shipping, and reliable source to supply your hobby and/or your business needs.

We believe that this site will make ordering for both the customer and us a lot quicker.

PS - international customers, see the flat rate shipping cost.